Forms of participation:


Oral presentation submission is completed.

Requirements for reports and speakers:

The oral presentation can be presented in two ways:

1. From the studio.

2. Online

All speakers have to send their pre-recorded oral presentations until May 15, 2021 and to connect to the online broadcast of the relevant session in order to participate in the discussion.

Abstracts submission is completed.

The book of abstracts of the Congress will be published at (Russia). 


Competition of Young Specialists.

The best oral presentations competition of Young Specialists is organized by The Russian Association of Spine Surgeons (RASS) in the framework of the XI Congress. 

Conditions of participation: The competition is available for all young specialists not older than 35 years for the main author of the scientific work (speaker).

Selection protocol:

Stage 1:

Oral presentations submission is completed.

Stage 2:

All presentations will be anonymous and sent to the RASS Board members. Each RASS board member pledged that the peer review would be unbiased and not influenced by financial, family, personal relationships, or scientific rivalries.

Stage 3:

The best oral presentations will be considered at the RASS Board meeting in May 2021. The best 3 oral presentations will be chosen by open vote.


Benefits for the winners of the competition:

The winners will have the opportunity to make a presentation (10 minutes) on June 03, 2021 at the Plenary Session of the XI RASS Congress in front of the target audience and show scientific erudition in the presence of the world leading European and Russian experts in spinal surgery.


The winners will be honored by the valuable prizes:

1st place - sponsorship for a short-term internship in spine surgery in one of the European clinics.

2nd place and 3rd place - sponsorship for an internship in spine surgery in leading Russian clinics.



Papers submission for possible inclusion in a special issue of Journal “Modern Technologies in Medicine 


Full Version:  Papers submission is completed.

Decision Date: April 21, 2021

Final Version: June, 2021